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Men's Health

Men’s health is focused addressing conditions exclusive to males, typically over the age of 18. It’s recommended that young men begin health screening at age 18. Preventative screening should be done annually to address conditions such as blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. If there’s a family history of prostate cancer, prostate PSA tests should be performed to screen for prostate specific antigens.

Men of all ages should complete monthly self exams of the testicles, breasts, mouth and skin, checking for any lumps, lesions, or changing moles or freckles. Any changes or abnormalities should be brought to a physician’s attention.

Exams and screening vary by person, considering factors such as age, family history and enviornment. The chart below breaks down screening recommendation by age. 

Exam Type 18-39 40-49 50+
Blood Pressure & Rectal Exam Annually Annually Annually
Physical Exam Every 3 years Every 2 years Every Year
Blood Tests & Urinalysis (cholesterol, diabetes, kidney and thyroid conditions) Every 3 years Every 2 years

Every Year

Hemoccult Test - Every Year Every Year
Chest X-Ray - Discuss with physician Discuss with physician
Prostate Specific Antigen Blood Test - - Every Year
Electrocardiogram Establish baseline reading at age 30 Every 2 Years Every Year