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Electronic Medical Records

Kennedy Health Alliance has integrated care using an electronic medical record (EMR). Our EMR (eClincalWorks) allows our providers to access our patients' medical information, regardless of location, to improve patient care and our healthcare delivery system. The EMR contains details of each patient visit, laboratory results, radiology imaging results and medication records. It allows all KHA providers throughout multiple locations to access patient information regardless of the location or time of service.

We believe that having access to patient medical records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via this electronic platform allows our providers to better coordinate care within KHA and with specialists. Primary care providers submit up-to-date medical information using the EMR when referring patients to a specialist. Our specialists can also deliver timely reports directly back to the EMR, allowing for a powerful flow of medical information amongst our primary and specialty care practices.

Thanks to our EMR, patients also have around-the-clock access to their medical records via the online Patient Portal. Communication in the Patient Portal works similar to email, allowing patients to communicate directly with their care providers, and allowing providers to send patients preventative care reminders, such as upcoming immunizations and important screenings to prevent illness. Providers publish a visit summary to the EMR upon completion of a patient office visit, along with additional educational resources for patients. Any questions a patient may have regarding their recent visit can be addressed by reviewing this visit summary and their up-to-date patient health summary. The Patient Portal also allows access to patient lab results, current medications, recent referrals and more.

Our electronic medical record has improved patient health outcomes by offering our patients an electronic communication option to participate in their healthcare. Access to KHA offices and our network of healthcare providers is readily available at your fingertips. Utilizing the EMR helps to fully coordinate your medical care and improve your health.